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Tips To Maintain Your Sump Pump

A sump pump is the most significant plumbing element in the home that solves major issues. It prevents the ground or rainwater water from entering the basement area. The water from under or around your home is drained into a sump pump pit and is then pumped out of the home and away from the foundation. All mechanical devices and appliances require time to time maintenance and replacement of the old parts with the new ones so as to ensure a smooth functioning. Let us have a look at the most essential tips that will make sure that the sump pump stays in the good condition and works effectively.

How Frequently Should I Clean my Sump Pump?

Sump pumps are of different types and different companies. Hence, it is important to study the owner’s manual so as to read the instructions on how to maintain the pump. According to the Sump and Sewage Pumps Manufacturer’s Association(SSPMA), following tips are recommended.

  • Monthly- The sump pump disposing water from the washing machine requires a monthly cleaning of the pump screen or inlet opening. For safety, unplug before cleaning but after completing, plug it again.
  • Quarterly- If you are having a sump up that does not dispose of washing machine water, the pump screen or inlet opening can be cleaned once every three to four months.
  • Once a Year- Annually, remove the sump pump and clean both the pump and pit.

Once a year, it is important to have a professional inspection and it will guarantee that everything is working properly and it enhances the lifespan of the pump.

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Duties of a Professional Expert

Let us have a look at the things a professional should analyze during an annual examination of the sump pump.

  1. Checking the Pit

A sump pump sits in a pit that gathers and collect waters until the pump removes it. A professional must make sure that the pit is big and large. The accurate measurements should be at least 24 inches deep and 18 inches wide.

  1. The Alarm

It is not necessary that all sump pumps will have alarms that sound when the device is activated. But alarms are beneficial as they help alert a homeowner that there is a water build up in the pit. If you are having a sump pump that has an alarm, it should be tested by the professional to help ensure it functions properly.

  1. The Check Valve

It is the duty of a professional to make sure that the check valve functions and is installed properly on the discharge pipe. Check Valve is really beneficial as it helps to prevent water in the discharge pipe flowing back down into the pit after the pump turns off.

  1. Location of Discharge

A professional can easily judge if the sump pump’s discharge location is improper. It is recommended to have discharge location at least 20 feet away from the home so that the water is not drained back into the house. Also, water should not drain into the neighboring properties as it can damage them.

  1. The Cover

The main purpose of a sump pump pit is to collect the water and so, it should have a removable cover to help prevent water from evaporating into the basement. A professional can check if it is fitted properly or if there is need of new.

With regular maintenance, sump pump works effectively. Drain Target is the leading plumbing agency in Toronto and we are a team of experts and trained technicians that have hands-on-experience with sump pump installation.