Slope Correction - Drain Target

Slope Correction

Drainage problems can easily be sorted out with appropriate slope and we here will provide the appropriate information related to correcting foundation drainage issues. One needs to determine if the soil around the slope has a proper slope. This is a very simple and easy task. Obtain a nice straight 2x4 that is 10 feet long and a carpenter’s level. The ground should slope away from the house at least 6 inches over 10 feet. There are areas with insufficient and incorrect slopes which can be corrected by moving soil from the areas 8 to 12 feet from your home back towards the foundation wall and smoothing it out to the proper slope. There are some cases where soil may be required to be imported to the yard.


The situation where your yard is very flat and foundation wall is not high enough, an underground slope is a good idea. The underground slope is really beneficial in terms of creating a relatively dry area of soil and allows one to dig the deep French drains at a distance from the foundation where it is secure for the structure and easy to dig.


The next step is to check how to correct any downspout drainage issues. Downspout drainage issue is a matter of concern and it is important to get the water out of the home and spread out over an area of the yard that can absorb it. Change your gutter and downspout arrangement if you have too much roof area draining.

The alternative option is the usage of a rain barrel to collect the surge of water when it rains and then slowly drain the barrel the following day. Attach it to a hose leading to a garden or flower bed. The important thing not to ignore is installing an overflow pipe on a rain barrel for the rainy days.

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