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Drain Inspection

We provide the best Drain Inspection in Toronto. We use the advance guard technology for our services to discover and examine blocked and clogged drains in homes. Using CCTV cameras is the outstanding method to analyze where actually the problem is. The detection of the drain clog requires a professional plumbing tool which is called as drain snake which unclogs the drain in a simple manner. We have specially tailored packages for drain inspection and drain clearing in Canada. We cover wide areas including commercial and industrial, and all the residential homes.

What is a Drain Camera?

A drain camera can be described as a video lens on the end of a strong cable. It is just like an eyeball on the end of the stick. It is generally sent down any drain that is 2” in diameter or more, although it can work on drains about 1.5” in diameter if necessary.

The cameras are great tools but have specific limitations. If the pipe is full of dirt and debris, the camera is unable to detect anything. Clean water does not cause any problem so your plumber may advise you not to run any water before the inspection in order to give the debris in the water time to settle.


Drain Camera Inspection functions
A camera is used to diagnose the issues very easily and we will open the closet drain to the blockage, and put a snake down the drain to make sure that the camera can go through easily. The sewer camera inspection in Toronto is one of the most useful tools.
Here are some common issues:

Balance in the joints between pipes.
The sewer line is nothing else but a section of pipe joined together. With the passage of time, the ground outside your home can shift and settle from its actual position and incline the pipes in different directions, which can cause breaks in the joints. This chaotic situation ultimately leads to a ridge that traps debris and leads to a clog.

Disruption of pipes because of tree roots.
If there are a serious damage and break in the pipe, water will leak out and will flow towards thirsty tree roots. The water is nutrient-rich, and that is really beneficial for plants. The roots will gather the moisture from the leaking pipe, and as a result, invade the cracked pipe itself, and build up inside the pipe over time.

Section of Pipes which are crushed and bent
The inadequate support under the pipe is the main reason behind this situation. It happens often because of the large rocks.

Deterioration on the inner surface of the pipe.
There are many old homes which are built decades ago and have cast iron sewer lines. With the passage of time, they get corroded and rusted and the metal develops pits and can trap debris.

After effects of Camera Inspection
There are many potential outcomes and the action we usually suggest depends on the severity of the problem and whether it will happen again after the clog is eliminated.

How is Drain Target different?
We at Drain Target are a team of experts in Toronto and following are the main points how we are different.

Highly Skilled Professional Team
We have an expert and adept team and have set high standards for our organization. We exceed the client’s expectations by doing the appropriate work.

We are here to make our clients contented and fully secured. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Affordable Pricing
We offer fully customized packages and hourly rates which suit every client.

Safety for your home
There are some repairs which involve special advance equipment and we make sure to wear protective clothing.

Friendly and Courteous Approach
Our team is friendly, courteous, and highly skilled and help make an informed decision. Every home is different and we make sure to use the best possible methods.
We believe that you cannot do better than Drain Target.